Summer Game Fest 2024: Civilization 7 Announcement and Indie Game Highlights

Daniel Bryan - Senior Tech Writer
Summer Game Fest 2024 announcements

Summer Game Fest Highlights: Indie Triumphs and Civilization 7 Reveal

This year’s Summer Game Fest, a two-hour event celebrating both indie gems and major titles, was notably highlighted by the announcement of the long-awaited Civilization 7, set for release in 2025.

Although 2K Games accidentally leaked the announcement earlier, fans were thrilled to see Sid Meier, the mastermind behind the legendary strategy series, introduce the new game. Standing amidst his Bafta awards, Meier expressed his excitement, noting, “For over 30 years, players worldwide have supported Civ. Civilization VII represents three decades of strategic innovation and refinement.”

The game, which follows an eight-year hiatus since the last installment, will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, though a specific release date has yet to be announced.

Other Key Announcements

Geoff Keighley, the event’s presenter and organizer, opened with a somber acknowledgment of the numerous studio closures and layoffs in the gaming industry over the past year. Despite this, the show featured several notable announcements.

Lego Horizon Adventures was officially unveiled, promising a co-op experience blending puzzles and combat. Players will join Aloy and her friends as they face Helis, leader of sun worshipers following an Ancient Evil. The game includes a town-building aspect, allowing customization of Mother’s Heart, and is set for a winter release.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions was another major reveal. Scheduled for a September 3 release on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch, this game offers a faithful simulation of the magical sport, supporting solo play, co-op online matches, and competitive play against other players.

New trailers were also shown for Monster Hunter Wilds, the horror game Slitterhead by the creators of Silent Hill, and Dune Awakening, a survival MMO by Funcom. Ubisoft previewed a fresh trailer for Star Wars Outlaws, featuring numerous iconic Star Wars characters and elements, ahead of their own event on Sunday.

Indie Games Shine

The event prominently featured independent developers. Highlights included Cuffbust, a 20-player co-op prison escape game from the creator of Choo Choo Charles, and Wanderstop, the latest project from Davey Wreden (Stanley Parable) and Karla Zimonja (Gone Home, Tacoma). Additionally, Deer & Boy and Neva stood out with their beautiful, highly stylized visuals.

Supporting the indie scene, Blumhouse announced six new games from indie studios, starting with the ‘90s-inspired Fear of the Spotlight. InnerSloth, creators of the hit game Among Us, introduced their new funding initiative, OuterSloth, aimed at supporting startup teams.

Reflecting on Industry Challenges

Despite the focus on indie games, the lack of major Triple A announcements left some feeling underwhelmed. Yet, this shift could signal a positive change in the industry. A notable billboard by indie publisher New Blood Interactive in downtown LA highlighted recently closed studios and carried a heartfelt message: “We love you. We miss you. We hate money.”

In summary, while the Summer Game Fest may not have delivered the blockbuster surprises of past events, its celebration of successful indie titles and emphasis on developer welfare suggests a hopeful direction for the gaming industry.

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